Something so small

It was a typical home repair that most guys feel they can pull off. Our second washroom was in the midst of an update, something it hadn’t seen since it was built in the late 1960s. My job was to install valves under the sink for the hot and cold water.

I cut the pipe, fitted the new valve taps on, fired up the blow-torch, and went to work. I aimed the flames at the pipes, heating them to the right temperature to melt the solder. It wasn’t a pretty job, but it was a done job. And I didn’t burn the house down.

With the new hoses connected, and the new taps installed, it was time for the test. I turned the water on. Much to my chagrin, there were no leaks. I turned on the faucet, slowly at first, trusting that the flow would follow accordingly. I was sure I did the job properly. The water began to flow! I opened the taps, and nothing changed. I had only a small stream of water.

I went back under the sink. I turned the water off. I took the hoses off. I couldn’t see the problem. I decided that the hoses were kinked so I went back out to the neighborhood home improvement store and bought new, longer, more flexible hoses.

I reconnected everything. I opened the valves. I turned on the tap. The same trickle of water came forth.

My wife suggested that I take off the screen from the faucet. Maybe something was stuck inside? I assured her, that couldn’t be the problem. After all, it was a brand new tap set. As a good husband, I took her suggestion (mostly to appease her) and found a small ball of solder had made its’ way into the pipe, past the valve, through the new hose, and into the faucet. It was stopped by the screen. It stopped the flow.

Something so small stopped the flow of water. I reflected on the significance of that in our lives – doesn’t something seemingly tiny block the flow of blessings?

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