If you're drifting, WAKE UP!

This is the riders view from a motorcycle. It's kinda like life. As long as we pay attention and stay focused we should be ok. But then, when we least expect it, we may get blindsided at an intersection. BAM!

As Christians, we have a similar scenario. We seem to be cruisin' along pretty good, then out of the blue we get whacked! Admittedly, things happen and that's just part of life. But there is a more profound similarity between riding a motorcycle and cruising through life as a believer.

When riding a two wheeler we tend to drift toward the direction we are looking and as a Christian the same principle applies: we notice, we glimpse, we look, and before you know it we're off in the weeds somewhere. To keep our paths straight and safe on a bike we need to stay focused and alert and not "rubberneck." In our walk through life we need to stay spiritually focused through the Word, prayer, praise and fellowship. If we don't, we will tend to drift. And if we don't catch ourselves in time, the "wreck" may be tragic and heartbreaking.

Jesus is watching and He loves you!

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