God knows our struggle with sin

Jesus died on the cross for our sins. On the third day he arose from the dead. His death and resurrection freed us from eternal punishment for our sins; but only for those who trust and believe in Him and "repent" of their sins ("regret their sins and turn toward God and away from evil"). In the New Testament, the key term for repentance is metanoia [metavnoia]. It has two usual senses: a "change of mind" and "regret/remorse." God knows our struggle with sin and wants to set us free. The way to freedom, peace and salvation is to believe in Jesus. Confess your sins to Him in simple prayer and ask Him for forgiveness and the strength to recognize and reject evil thoughts and deeds. The Most important part of this simple choice is to mean it! Invite Him into your life and heart today!! Like right now!! What's stopping you? He is reaching out to you, just take His hand.

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