Sharper than any double-edged blade

The word of God is alive. It is continually active and sharper than any double-edged blade. It cuts us to the quick and judges the desires and thoughts of our hearts. We can't hide anything from God! He sees it all! So why not start living our lives with that knowledge and belief, so that we may be more righteous in His sight.

Here's the plan (because we are weak and He is strong): Just pray right now and ask Jesus to help you (He hears our prayers). Tell Him you need His help to overcome your weaknesses. Ask Him to come into your heart and guide you in His righteousness. Accept Him as your own personal Lord and Savior. He will help you "clean house" and make some changes that you are to weak to make on your own.

Please, if you don't know Jesus on a personal level yet, open your heart and read the "Gospel of John" in the Bible. It is short and filled with the truth and the message of forgiveness and salvation! It's that easy! If you need a Bible just let us know.

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